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  • JAMA Patient Page February 03, 2010

    Janet M. Torpy, MD; Cassio Lynm, MA; Richard M. Glass, MD
    TOPICS: proteinuria

    JAMA. 2010; 303(5):470-470. doi: 10.1001/jama.303.5.470

    Includes: Supplemental Content
  • Original Contribution June 06, 2001

    Lawrence Y. Agodoa, MD; Lawrence Appel, MD, MPH; George L. Bakris, MD; Gerald Beck, PhD; Jacques Bourgoignie, MD; Josephine P. Briggs, MD; Jeanne Charleston, RN; DeAnna Cheek, MD; William Cleveland, MD; Janice G. Douglas, MD; Margaret Douglas, MPH; Donna Dowie, MD; Marquetta Faulkner, MD; Avril Gabriel, RN; Jennifer Gassman, PhD; Tom Greene, PhD; Yvette Hall, RN; Lee Hebert, MD; Leena Hiremath, PhD; Kenneth Jamerson, MD; Carolyn J. Johnson, RN; Joel Kopple, MD; John Kusek, PhD; James Lash, MD; Janice Lea, MD; Julia B. Lewis, MD; Michael Lipkowitz, PhD; Shaul Massry, MD; John Middleton, MD; Edgar R. Miller III, MD; Keith Norris, MD; Daniel O'Connor, MD; Akinlou Ojo, MD; Robert A. Phillips, MD, PhD; Velvie Pogue, MD; Mahboob Rahman, MD, MS; Otelio S. Randall, MD; Stephen Rostand, MD; Gerald Schulman, MD; Winifred Smith, MPH; Denyse Thornley-Brown, MD; C. Craig Tisher, MD; Robert D. Toto, MD; Jackson T. Wright, Jr, MD, PhD; Shichen Xu, MD; for the African American Study of Kidney Disease and Hypertension (AASK) Study Group
    TOPICS: proteinuria, ramipril, amlodipine, kidney, nephrosclerosis hypertensive

    JAMA. 2001; 285(21):2719-2728. doi: 10.1001/jama.285.21.2719