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  • Original Investigation October 16, 2013

    Anthony D. Harris, MD, MPH; Lisa Pineles, MA; Beverly Belton, RN, MSN; J. Kristie Johnson, PhD; Michelle Shardell, PhD; Mark Loeb, MD, MSc; Robin Newhouse, RN, PhD; Louise Dembry, MD, MS, MBA; Barbara Braun, PhD; Eli N. Perencevich, MD, MS; Kendall K. Hall, MD, MS; Daniel J. Morgan, MD, MS; and the Benefits of Universal Glove and Gown (BUGG) Investigators; Syed K. Shahryar, MD; Connie S. Price, MD; Joseph J. Gadbaw, MD; Marci Drees, MD, MS; Daniel H. Kett, MD; L. Silvia Muñoz-Price, MD, PhD; Jesse T. Jacob, MD; Loreen A. Herwaldt, MD; Carol A. Sulis, MD; Deborah S. Yokoe, MD, MPH; Lisa Maragakis, MD, MPH; Matthew E. Lissauer, MD; Marcus J. Zervos, MD; David K. Warren, MD; Robin L. Carver, RN, BSN, CIC; Deverick J. Anderson, MD, MPH; David P. Calfee, MD, MS; Jason E. Bowling, MD; Nasia Safdar, MD, PhD
    TOPICS: antibiotics, gloves, protective, intensive care unit, bacteria, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus

    JAMA. 2013; 310(15):1571-1580. doi: 10.1001/jama.2013.277815

    Includes: Multimedia, Supplemental Content
  • Caring for the Critically Ill Patient December 28, 2011

    Ruth D. Piers, MD; Elie Azoulay, MD, PhD; Bara Ricou, MD; Freda DeKeyser Ganz, RN, PhD; Johan Decruyenaere, MD, PhD; Adeline Max, MD; Andrej Michalsen, MD, MPH; Paulo Azevedo Maia, MD; Radoslaw Owczuk, MD, PhD; Francesca Rubulotta, MD, FRCA; Pieter Depuydt, MD, PhD; Anne-Pascale Meert, MD; Anna K. Reyners, MD, PhD; Andrew Aquilina, MD; Maarten Bekaert, MSc; Nele J. Van Den Noortgate, MD, PhD; Wim J. Schrauwen, MSc; Dominique D. Benoit, MD, PhD; for the APPROPRICUS Study Group of the Ethics Section of the ESICM
    TOPICS: intensive care unit, nurses, perception, appropriateness

    JAMA. 2011; 306(24):2694-2703. doi: 10.1001/jama.2011.1888

    Includes: Supplemental Content